so my three year old niece is over and it’s storming ferociously outside and I just hear her in the kitchen complaining about robots

like that’s what she’s afraid of while a tornado forms outside


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Important people you should know


SO I’ve been referring to people in my life here in personal posts since I signed on this website and none of you know who they are to me and I want to give you some context about my life so without further adieu

  • Sean: Childhood best friend since 1st grade. Funniest person of my world.
  • Ted:…

I never know what to say when he’s actually being nice!

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"Long story short, what was probably a gallon of piss stewing in my toilet was the culprit"

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Dear Reader by ~DrBeard

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Manifest Destiny: A Search for U.S. (A Travelogue Film) by Turner Fair — Kickstarter

Just a dollar would help so much. These guys have a great vision in mind, and will go on to do great things. Just think of the bragging rights you’ll have if you help fund the first project these guys do before they become rich and famous. One dollar guys. That would fucking rock.

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I do what I want

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